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  • Take Action Now to Create Great Streets

    + info: Public for Project Spaces From their width and character, to the uses of the buildings that line them and the presence or absence of features like benches, crosswalks, outdoor cafés, and awnings, the streets we walk...

    • Posted gener 26, 2016
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  • Five Interactive Games That Turn The City Into A Playing Board

    Font: Pop-up City   Whether it is an old school board game like The Game of the Goose, or maybe a Playstation game of the Grand Theft Auto variety, games are fun, and we like to play them. But...

    • Posted novembre 23, 2015
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  • Mapping the social city

    Font: Social-life Through our Mapping the Social City project with SIX, Social Life has collected a range of different participatory mapping examples. In this post, María de los Ángeles Briones, a PhD student at the Density Design...

    • Posted novembre 9, 2015
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  • “La ciudad, clave del siglo XXI”, Mireia Belil

    ISSN 2462-3571 | Vol. 1 | Núm. 1 (Octubre, 2015)   El hombre se tropieza con la verdad…, pero se levanta y sigue su camino. W. CHURCHILL   Las ciudades, una ecuación imposible es el título del libro...

    • Posted octubre 29, 2015
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