Mapping the social city


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Through our Mapping the Social City project with SIX, Social Life has collected a range of different participatory mapping examples.

In this post, María de los Ángeles Briones, a PhD student at the Density Design Research Lab at the Politecnico di Milano, takes a closer look at some of these examples, focusing specifically on the visual dimensions of these social tools.

In this blog, we will use 14 different examples from different continents and contexts to explore the goals and methods used for participatory mapping as a social digital tool. Despite looking very different and coming from a range of cultural backgrounds, there are a number of similarities in these different case studies.

Although the examples have different goals, we have identified four main focus areas: activism, conviviality, networking and urban planning. More localised mapping projects often had a focus on activism. We also see from that maps are not isolated tools, they are complementary to work with other communication tools and platforms.