Five Interactive Games That Turn The City Into A Playing Board


Font: Pop-up City


Whether it is an old school board game like The Game of the Goose, or maybe a Playstation game of the Grand Theft Auto variety, games are fun, and we like to play them. But it appears that there’s another type of game that is getting increasingly popular: interactive games where the city is our playing board. In this article we’ll highlight five of them.

You may recall the revival of an Atari classic by students of the HAWK University. Their game STREETPONG was approved and launched last year in Hildesheim, Germany. While waiting for the “green man” at an intersection, you don’t need feel bored. Just play a game of PONG with your ‘frenemy’ at the other side of the street. Or how about Belgian designer Kris Temmerman, who turned his home window into an arcade game? For all of you game-fanatics, you’re gonna like that!