PPS Releases New Report, “The Case for Healthy Places: Improving Health through Placemaking”


+ info: Project for Public Spaces

A growing body of research over the last several decades has shown the connections between “place” and health, and it is well documented that a person’s zip code can be a more reliable determinant of health than their genetic code.

Today, PPS is proud to release The Case for Healthy Places—a report of peer-reviewed research that offers evidence-based guidance, recommendations, and numerous case studies to which health institutions, community organizations, and other partners can refer in order to create and support healthy placemaking initiatives. Produced with generous support from Kaiser Permanente and Anne T. and Robert Bass, this important study focuses on five key areas: Social Support & InteractionPlay & Active Recreation; Green & Natural EnvironmentsHealthy Food; and Walking & Biking. The final chapter addresses health care institutions specifically, detailing ways in which they can take action to become placemaking champions in the communities they serve.

“It has been a delight to witness the decades-long contribution of Project for Public Spaces to measurably improving the health and vitality of communities across the United States and around the world. And it has been a distinct pleasure to work with and sponsor the team behind this report, as they bridge a ‘field of fields,’ ranging from equitable community development, to housing design and land use planning, to health and well being.”  –Tyler Norris, Vice President, Kaiser Permanente