Design Museum Dharavi


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A Museum on wheels

Design Museum Dharavi is a new cultural institution that celebrates the creative potential of Dharavi, a 3sq km informal settlement located in the heart of Mumbai.

Design Museum Dharavi

Around 1 million people live in Dharavi, and despite the tough conditions they live in, they are capable of creating, designing, manufacturing and commercializing all kinds of goods and products. We want to give these objects a platform so they can be recognised by makers and locals from Dharavi, the city of Mumbai and the rest of the world. The main mission of Design Museum Dharavi is to showcase local talent through a nomadic exhibition space, employ design as a tool to promote social change and innovation, and to change the negative perception of similar informal settlements around the world.

A nomadic museum

Dharavi’s unique environment calls for a unique solution, which inspired us to create a nomadic museum. For two months, starting February 2016, Design Museum Dharavi will open its doors on different locations throughout this homegrown neighbourhood. Not only showcasing the skills of local talent, but also creating a place where makers can find potential clients, teach workshops to the rest of the community and take their own practice one step further.

Design Museum Dharavi is an initiative by Jorge Mañes Rubio (Seethisway), Amanda Pinatih (MADE Pinatih), Rahul Srivastava & Matias Echanove (URBZ)