Kontupiste: Culture and digital society for all


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Kontupiste is an information and communications technology services centre serving Kontula residents. Its mission is to provide access to cultural and technological experiences for citizens regardless of their level of education or social status; to encourage residents to engage in active citizenship; to impart the skills to understand, access and use new media and social networks; and to contribute to the attractiveness of Kontula.

Kontupiste started with the funding of European programmes Urban I and II, and has continued working after the financing ended (2000-06). The initiative seeks innovative ways to prevent urban inequality while fighting the digital gap and promoting cultural projects (often at the crossroads of art and technology).

Kontupiste’s office is a mini-cultural centre located in the middle of the Kontula shopping mall, where citizens can access Internet terminals with a large selection of open source software, free user accounts and guidance in computing in a relaxed and pleasant environment. In addition to these more operational services Kontupiste also organises art exhibitions by and with residents (in cooperation with the Finnish Museum of Photography) and a wide range of activities in new media and culture…