About the project

“What is the city but the people?”
William Shakespeare


This is a specialized city, culture and public space centered on a human perspective thematic portal.

It is clear that the growth of the urban population, which now follow new guidelines, puts the city in the center of the action of the XXI century. It is said often, but no longer a transcendent fact that sometimes is not understood, that more than half of the world population (ie, more than 3,500 million people) live in urbanized areas that can not always referred to as “city”.

The city’s urban territory, territory of citizens requires a multidisciplinary approach.

thinkingcities.city is space for innovation, sustainability and development of the city and aims to become the website of reference related to key aspects when talking about the cities and citizens of the XXI century, trying to take a comprehensive approach the different current and different challenges existing theories and not respond only to a limited vision.

All content will be presented in relation to three broad themes:

1. Cities, space and society
2. Cities, environment and climate change
3. Urban Governance

thinkingcities.city is a project promoted by the Foundations of the Universal Culture Forum, with the col·laboration of the Institute of Communication of the University Autonomous of Barcelona (InCom-UAB).